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We are specialists in photoluminescent applications for use in industry with a decade of experience in the sector. Thanks to the special attention we pay to specific client requirements and the time we dedicate to studying the market, our photoluminescent products are constantly evolving. By combining new technology with indispensable business expertise, we have expanded our existing product range and commit to cutting back the manufacture of high-quality semi-finished products in different fields within the sector.

How is light


It takes just a few minutes of exposure to other sources of light, either natural or artificial, for photoluminescent lights to fully charge. They can then emit light for prolonged periods of time
no electricity needed.

If there are no other sources of light, the photoluminescent material will come to life, creating new emotion-evoking spaces, as well as highly-effective security applications.

What isit?

Photoluminescent material is able to absorb light, either natural or artificial and then re-emit it when darkness falls.

Energy is clean and renewable and the same material can absorb light again and again without having to be replaced. This means that photoluminescence is safe for both living beings and the environment.

What are the


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Take any object…and we can make it photoluminescent. Why not get on board and start saving energy?

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