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We are specialists in photoluminescent applications for use in industry with a decade of experience in the sector. Thanks to the special attention we pay to specific client requirements and the time we dedicate to studying the market, our photoluminescent products are constantly evolving. By combining new technology with indispensable business expertise, we have expanded our existing product range and commit to manufacturing high-quality semi-finished products in different fields within the sector.



Every photoluminescent product is custom-made by Bright Materials and can be personalised and accessorised as desired. You can choose the colour, granulometry and the formats required for your processing or production cycle.
Our Research and Development team works together with influential professionals, production companies and working groups to continuously improve our photoluminescent products and the services we offer.

Make your product


Make your product


Get in touch to arrange a meeting. We would be more than happy to discuss our technology and the potential and advantages it can offer.